Hi 👋 I am Róża Turowska, a Product Designer based in London.
I love looking for problems and challenges that can be solved with a design. It’s my hobby and gets my creative juices flowing. Listening to my users and observing their work helps me find their pain points, which then helps me solve their problems which makes their lives easier and better.

Picture was taken during my visit to Britain's only free-ranging herd of reindeer in Scotland.
My Past & Product Design
My experience is diverse and rich, which is what helped make me the designer I am today. I have a master's degree in Pedagogy of Special Education that fostered my empathy and understanding that people are different and have different needs and problems. After university, I worked as a graphic designer where I gained experience in visual design. My final step before product design was my jewelry brand where I explored my creativity, manual dexterity, brand management, and entrepreneurial drive.
What is my process?
My process depends on the challenge, time, and budget constraints. However, I always try to find time to do research, without which I would not be able to truly understand the problem and the users. Without fully understanding the problem and the users, I would not be able to deliver the best solution.Another aspect of my process is prototyping (and testing) while designing. I try not to guess how some interaction or design decision would work, but instead I try to prototype it to see it in action. If that passes my internal QA, I show my work to the rest of the design and dev team or users to gain their feedback.I use Figma, as it is the most efficient way for me to design and prototype rapidly.


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I am proud of my work so I would love to chat with you more about it

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