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The winning idea of Adyen's Checkathon

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

On 9.02.2019 I had the pleasure of participating in the Hackathon organized by Adyen at their HQ in Amsterdam. Adyen is a leading payment service provider and one of the biggest and brightest companies in The Netherlands.

The event was organized under the Woman in Tech umbrella. The task of the hackathon was to design and build a solution that uses Adyen's checkout API. There were plenty of participants with different backgrounds: front-enders, back-enders, UX/UI designers, and Product owners.

I had the opportunity to team up with great people and we came up with a completely original idea.

The base of our idea was number 73, which is the average percentage of cart abandonment. To reduce this rate we introduced a new way of checking out, called Adyou. Adyou would work as a secure profile that contains the client's pre-saved data. Whenever clients go to checkout, they scan the displayed QR code and automatically all the required data such as shipment address and preferred payment method would be loaded.

No more typing addresses, no more choosing payment methods or typing the same credit card number. Everything in one click.

I was responsible for the design of the screens of the Adyou's checkout. Please check the flow of the checkout below. Please note that the "Cart" is from the sample merchant's website, Adyou pages are my design:

Client scanned the code and sees the first screen of Adyou with all data that are required to finish successfully check out.

Confirmation screen - Payment was successful

For more technical details please visit this page: https://sdurighello.github.io/team5-adyen-vue/

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