• Róża Turowska

The sins of eBay’s job application form

Some time ago I tried to apply for a job at to Marktplaats. I thought that the job might be very challenging, I tried to use Marktplaats in the past, and I know there is a lot of work for UX designers there. Marktplaats is owned by eBay, hence I had to fill out the job application form via eBay’s website. And oh boy… there is also a lot of work to be done there too.

1st sin: The lack of a forgiving format.

I had to type the whole URL of my website, wait a minute is it 2019 or 2009?

2nd sin: Fill all that we have prepared you, dear applicant.

I had to mark the languages I speak and choose the proficiency level of every aspect of the language. This already looks excessive to me, but pushing the applicant to choose their level of proficiency in every aspect of their mother tongue?

3rd sin: The error message is not written for the human beings?

4th sin: Lack of feedback.

When I finally went through this form I hit “NEXT” and … nothing happened, just the screen got milky, that’s all. I pressed the button a couple of times more and it seems that the website just froze. Anyway, I got so frustrated while filling the form for the first time, I didn’t dare to fill it once again.


Dear companies, applicants are also your users, maybe it is them who want something from you but still think about their level of frustration. Please think about the UX of your website, there is a really big chance that those who are really good, would not like to fill the form for half an hour, I am pretty sure they would prefer to make something more effective during this time in order to get hired.

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