• Róża Turowska

Problems with “Create a new shipment” form - MyParcel.nl

Forms may not be the prettiest thing to show off in a designers portfolio, but they are so important for our customers.

I know that not every business has a budget to radically change their website that is why I propose subtle changes that should make a huge impact on MyParcel’s user’s experience.

The purpose of the hypothetical user is to quickly, without any mistakes create a new shipment

My solutions:

First of all, I moved all the important buttons and input fields to the same vertical part of the page, in order to not lose the client’s focus.

Second of all, I moved labels closer to input fields. It should decrease the user’s confusion and keeps the user’s focus on this particular part of the page.

Third of all, I made bigger “Save” buttons, as they are the most important and they finalize the transaction. Additionally, I have changed the design of the “Save for later” button. It is still consistent with the page’s design and helps to keep the user's focus on the “Save and print” button

Note: The form is originally in Dutch, I just used Google Translate to understand it.

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