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One field with some many issues

In the examples below I would like to present how little UX issue may cause some problems and it is worth considering all the aspects of the forms, even the smallest ones.

Handling the error in the form, date format:

This was the mistake and how the error message was handled:

My solutions: 1st. The best UX solution: Use more forgiving format for the birth date, if character / is fine why not dot? The best error handling is error prevention :)

2nd. Write an error message. I didn’t know what is wrong. I had to delete the whole date and check what is your preferred format.

3rd. Using more error indicators than color, in case of your clients are color blind. For instance, use the exclamation mark in the triangle. Below I present how user with color blind see the color as the only error indicator. For color blind user the color difference is reduced from red to grey.

The color as the only error indicator in normal view

The same form sees as by a person with protanopia (one of the types of color blindness)

This example shows that for colorblind user the error indicator in gray doesn't send out as much red one.

4th. Don't indicate the mistake immediately the user starts filling the form in order to not cause anxiety.

Please let me finish typing before you state the mistake:



*To prepare this visualizations I used color blind simulator.

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