• Róża Turowska

Accenture’s form looks fine at first glance but it has some UX issues.

I often catch myself not reading while browsing the web. It means when I look for something I scan the page instead of reading it fully. I know I should not think about users via my perspective, but I dare to think that if we make websites for people who scan, all users will benefit.

The form below definitely lacks of visual hierarchy. If the visual cues were strong enough, some of the text would be unnecessary.

Main sin: No visual hierarchy and clear labeling.

Asterisks were used wrongly. They should be next to every field that is required. In this case, the usage of asterisks is not consistent. They label some of the titles and some of the groups (that are also indicated poorly).

The section with uploading the CV also suffers from poor visual hierarchy, too much text and poor labeling.

Here are the original screenshot and my redesign below.

(I also fixed some copy)

Original Design

My redesign

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