Hi, I'm Róża, the
UX designer who likes solving



Why did I get into the user experience?

Let's start from the beginning.
I always had a tendency to help people and to solve problems. That is why I decided to become a detective in the Police force. I studied Pedagogy of Special Education for that. While studying I realized that being a police officer doesn't suit me. Although one part of me wanted to help people, the other was artistic. Artists are more empathetic than detectives should be, hence my career path.

At the university, I learned about people, their behavior - psychology, and pedagogy. I also started preparing myself to become a graphic designer (again, the artistic part of the character spoke up).


Knowledge of psychology, problem spotting and solving, and graphic design together is a perfect recipe for a User Experience Designer.
On top of all that, I boosted my training and knowledge
UX Designer and Usability Expert courses by The Interaction Design Foundation.


What interests
me in UX 

Thanks to my education - Pedagogy of Special Education - I gained some more empathy towards people with special needs. Therefore I am interested in, and I gain more knowledge on accessibility and inclusive design. In my opinion, no one should be left behind, especially in the digital world and User Experience.

What I like in UX

I am passionate about solving problems, inclusive design and taking peoples needs in the first place. Good UX
is all about it, additionally is supported by empiric data provided by research and user testing.

More than UX

Even a way to reach an obvious solution can be convoluted. Just after moving to Amsterdam, in 2015 I opened my own jewelry brand - I am also a silversmith. Yes, I can make metal prototypes if needed ;)
During my entrepreneurial journey, I acquired experience
business, sales, management, client service, marketing, and photography.


Based in: London, The United Kingdom

UX and Usability courses at Interaction Design Foundation 
Master's Degree in Pedagogy of Special Education
Studied at: Academy of Special Education (APS)
Lived in: Warsaw, Poland

My résumé 

Contact me

Email me at contact@rozaturowska.com


call me at +44 7 464 00 65 13

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